Peter Bursch is not only a successful rock musician, guitar book author, and Germany's "guitar teacher of the nation," but also a developer and inventor of various projects. Euro Rock is also one of the creative ideas that sprang from his bubbling pool of ideas. Peter is a real doer with a certain drive that easily infects others. Not only did he significantly shape the Krautrock scene with his band "Bröselmaschine," but he also taught entire generations and many stars to play the guitar in a very easy way with his guitar books. Over the years, he has performed with countless musicians on stage and leads the entire project with a lot of passion. Peter is also the one who carefully takes care of the selection of the teaching staff every year.

Daniel Jung For many years, the main organizer and networker has been Daniel Jung, who is responsible for coordinating the free art and culture scene in Duisburg's cultural office. Daniel is not only well connected through this position, but he is also very active in the scene himself. As a rock DJ, he provides music for the city's events, has his own disco series called "Melodic Rock Night," which now has international regular guests, has his own radio show dedicated to his favorite music, and enjoys singing in his own band in the rehearsal room. The jack-of-all-trades is currently writing his first novel and discussing the film medium in his other radio format, "The Cinematic Quartet." As a longtime editor of the Rock-It! magazine and the publications of "Duisburg intern," he uses writing as well as music to express himself.

Andreas Klees

Andreas Klees has been part of the team since 2012. He got to know the project as a two-time participant with two of his bands (The Bonny Situation, Thalamus) in 2004 and 2009 and was immediately hired by Peter and Daniel for the project to make the immediate experiences as a participant productive and to be able to pass them on. The multi-instrumentalist has played the most diverse musical styles with various formations in recent years (from singer-songwriter-soft to full-on metal), works with young people in songwriting workshops and was able to expand his own network very positively through Euro Rock and travel to Russia several times for small tours. In the rhythm workshop, he plays bass and otherwise serves as a contact person for all instrument groups and for the compositions of new songs during the project.

Micki Meuser composes high-quality film music. He has written music for numerous films, including international feature films, such as those starring Daniel Craig (Obsession), Kirsten Dunst (Deeply), or Lynn Redgrave. Additionally, he has composed for many television films for ZDF and ARD. Meuser has also contributed to several TV series in Germany (Was nicht passt…) and the USA (MythQuest). 
As a producer and songwriter, Micki Meuser has produced albums and written songs for artists such as Ideal, Die Ärzte (Im Schatten der Ärzte, Ist das alles?), Ina Deter (Neue Männer braucht das Land), Silly (Bataillon d’Amour), Rodgau Monotones, Die Lassie Singers, and many others.
Micki Meuser began his musical career as a bassist with Charlie Mariano. He played the instrument for Ina Deter and continues to do so in his own band 'Nervous Germans' and various studios to this day.

Micki Meuser is the chairman of the German Film Composers Union (DEFKOM), a board member of the German Composers Association, and the Initiative Urheberrecht. Additionally, he is an elected member of the GEMA Supervisory Board.

Manni von BohrGermany's 'Pope of Drumming,' as titled by the US Drummer Magazine 'Modern Drummer' in an interview, is a well-known and highly respected figure in the German music scene. As the editor-in-chief of the drum and percussion magazine 'drums&percussion,' he is not only connected thematically with one of the largest trade magazines but also possesses fundamental knowledge and a rich experience as a drummer, teacher, and author of instructional DVDs and books. He has played on over 250 CD and DVD productions and owns his own recording studio, where he produces, among other things, the Playalong CD for the 'drums&percussion' trade magazine and records all drum parts himself.

SYLKIE MONOFF Singer, songwriter, producer SYLKIE MONOFF may have been born in Germany, but her heart and soul have always had a strong connection to the USA. As a teen, influenced by performers such as Emmylou Harris, James Taylor and Neil Young, SYLKIE performed throughout Germany with regional country-rock bands. She recorded and released her first record for Teldec before she even turned 20. After marginal success, she decided to sharpen her writing skills and therefore focused on producing songs in her studio. Shortly thereafter, she was accepted to attend the Pop Music Program at the prestigious Hamburg Academy of Music and Theater.
After completing her studies in Hamburg, SYLKIE single-handedly landed a recording contract with BMG Ariola Munich (Sony BMG). Her debut EP consisted of 3 original compositions. This was followed by the recording of her album HARBOR IN THE NIGHT (1993). She not only composed 10 of the 11 tracks, but also co-produced the album. The first single DON’T landed in the German airplay charts and became a radio hit and two more singles followed. In the late 1990s, SYLKIE’s composition ALL THE PLACES, recorded by the British duo BND, charted in the German Top 100 sales charts. It was released world-wide and went gold before its release date. SYLKIE has toured throughout Europe and parts of the US, playing support to artists such as Ian Matthews (Plainsong) and Supercharge. She has performed with Grammy winner Albert Lee,  Rock’n’Roll legend Spencer Davis, Melissa Etheridge, Julian Dawson, Peter Bursch, Jürgen Drews and more. For about 10 years, she spent part of the year in Nashville performing, recording and co-writing with various renowned staff writers, such as Curtis Lance (Don’t happen twice, Kenny Chesney), Gilles Godard (Patty Loveless, Tracy Byrd, Ricky Skaggs, Blackhawk), Grammy winner Don Rollins (It’s 5 o’clock somewhere/Alan Jackson + Jimmy Buffett), Charley Stefl (The Fool, LeeAnn Womack), Alex Call (Huey Lewis), Brent Baxter (Alan Jackson, Lady Antebellum) and more. Some of her songs have been added to the Warner Brothers and Universal Music Nashville publishing catalogs.
In 2010, SYLKIE released her CD “GENUINE”. She composed all 13 songs and also produced the album, which features some of Nashville’s top session players, such as drummer legend Eddie Bayers and first-call guitarist Brent Mason. The critically acclaimed album climbed to the top positions of various European Country Radio Charts (#1 in Austria, #2 in Norway and Top 20 in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Italy, Sweden and more). „GENUINE“ as well jumped into the Top10 of the True Country + Roots Country categories of the Roots Music Report USA, the number one independent music chart for roots music in the world, which is based merely on radio playlists and actual airplay.
In 2012, with her first US radio single „STEAL YOUR CROWN“ at #1 in the IMN Country Charts for an entire 13 weeks, SYLKIE received the IMN Country Award as „Best International Artist“ with nominations in 4 categories. In 2015, SYLKIE finally made her permanent move to Nashville. Since then, she has had several releases, such as the singles „Like Rain“ and „The Puzzle“ (produced by Mark Schulman, drummer of Pink, Cher, Billy Idol and more) as well as the digital re-release of her Sony album „HARBOR IN THE NIGHT“, which ranked in the Top 50 of the Apple Music Charts for Country Music in Germany in 2022. SYLKIE continues working on new music, cowriting, writing, producing and pitching songs and instrumental music for film and TV. One of her compositional collaborations for a TV commercial resulted in an Emmy nomination in 2018. Her most recent single „Still Believe In You“ has been successfully impacting US and European Country + Adult Contemporary radio. It was listed on the Grammy Nomination Ballots in 2022/23 in the two categories „Best Country Song“ and „Best Country Solo Performance“. Monoff wrote and produced the track. It was released on her own label SYWA Nashville.
Apart from her diverse musical work, SYLKIE conducts music business workshops and is a well-respected vocal coach (Musiker Akademie Düsseldorf, Drummers Institute, Eurorock Duisburg and others). She is currently working on a new album to be released in 2024.

The international team

The additional team of instructors consists of the accompanying representatives of the bands as well as specially chosen individuals from the music scene. The team undergoes some changes over the years, but there are also fixed contacts and many 'repeat offenders.' Euro Rock resonates strongly even among professional musicians and is gladly supported. For many years, the famous producer and film composer Micki Meuser has been responsible for recording the Euro Rock songs. Micki has not only accompanied Ina Deta and Die Ärzte in their early days but has also earned a big name for himself, composing music for numerous TV productions, including international films with Daniel Craig (Obsession), Kirsten Dunst (Deeply), and Lynn Redgrave, as well as for various ZDF and ARD feature films. In recent years, vocal workshops have been led by artists such as David Readman (Pink Cream 69), Sylkie Monoff (from the Nashville scene), and Jaqueline Stürmer (Voice of Germany). Guitar workshops have been conducted by the nimble-fingered Victor Smolski and Elene Seagalova. Drum workshops have been led by Jan Rohlfing (founder of Drummer’s Institute and Band-House) and Manni von Bohr (also known as the German 'Drumpapst'). In Portsmouth, the twin city of Duisburg in England, Vicky Halliday has been collaborating with us for a long time. She is well-acquainted with the local scene and enriches the team with her knowledge of European funding opportunities and administrative expertise. Our partners in France include Relief Asso, an association dedicated to the promotion and organization of art and cultural projects with a fantastic network of venues, studios, and cultural creators. Angélique Lyleire is part of Asso and is not only responsible for social media management but is also a professional photographer who accompanies the entire project, particularly the concerts, with her camera. Loic is a club owner in the Nord-pas-de-Calais region and is also technically proficient in sound. From Vilnius, Lithuania, Egle Gedminaite accompanies the bands; she is a booker and can provide many tips on self-promotion and applying to concert venues. In Russia, we have a longstanding collaboration with Elena Novoselova, who organizes a major rock festival named Rock-Line in Perm, Duisburg's partner city, and often invites Euro Rock bands to perform.